Atla’s Research in Ministry® (RIM®) is a thesis and dissertation repository where users can search for and share both abstracts and full text of research conducted in programs of study related to ministry, theology, and religion.

Who is RIM for?

Anyone who wants to search for and learn about current and historical student research in ministry, theology and religion is welcome to search RIM®. Further, anyone who has received or any institution that grants degrees in programs of study related to ministry, theology and religion may share the abstracts and full text of their theses, dissertations, or other terminal projects with RIM. Atla membership is not required for participation in RIM®

Sharing with RIM

For authors, librarians, department chairs and other institutional staff who wish to include new thesis and dissertation in RIM, contact us to create an account.

Once you have an account you will need to login using the menu at the top right of the webpage or by clicking the "Share Your Work" button on the home page.

Please use the Depositors Guide for instructions on how to add works, apply metadata and access your account information in the repository. Once a new work is added to the repository it will be immediately available.

Correcting & Reporting Errors

In the event an error is made when entering a new record, an individual user may return to that record to edit, but not delete, it. To edit a record that you have entered, you must first login to RIM and then navigate to the record that needs to be edited. To do this either go to the User Dashboard then to Repository Contents > Works to find your work and edit it or search the site to find the work and an "Edit" tab will appear on the record provided you created that record with your unique login.

Legacy records from prior instances of RIM can not be edited or updated directly by users at this time. Please contact us to report major discrepancies and we will compile and address as necessary.


If you have any questions about RIM, please contact us.